Electric & pedal powered bicycles


Electric & pedal powered bicycles that offer an eco-friendly transport solution for now and into the future.


New stock just arrived !! Come and try our great "Mantis" Zebike .

  • "Mantis" "Mantis" Foldable electric montain bike.
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“consider a transport mode of 200 years of age and add to it today’s technology and some energy/environment concerns…you get Zebike, tomorrow’s vehicle”


Zebike, very popular on the beach front..


What is a ?


is an everyday bicycle with a battery-powered electric motor situated in the hub of the wheel (back or front, depending on the model), that is recharged by simply connecting it to the electricity mains.

These bicycles are very easy to handle and ride: once you start to pedal, the motor is launched, stop pedalling the motor switches off automatically.

Cruising speeds of 25km/h can be sustained without any effort, up-hills are turned into an easy ride and distances of up to 50km can be reached on one single battery charge.

These electric bicycles are also very economical: the running cost per kilometre is approximately 100 times cheaper with a than it is with a car. One full re-charge of a battery (takes approx. 5-6 hours) will cost you ± R 1.60

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