About Zebike

is proud to present its new range of electric bicycles, designed and conceived in a way to please all levels and types of bicycle riders:
the family person with children enjoying a Sunday ride on the beach front,
old bicycle friends enjoying now the assistance of an electric motor to deal with those “nasty” hills that used to be such fun challenge when young,
the executive who needs to get to his office or many appointments on time and beat the traffic but cannot afford to be sweaty and out of breath on arrival,
the real sporty person who wants to join advanced technology and physical training,
the simple commuter who can no longer afford the high price of fuel to go to work,
the unfortunate handicapped person who has lost part of his/her muscle control,
the bicycle lover who cannot abandon his “old faithful” but still would love to own an electric bicycle: the conversion kit option will be the answer!

, the electric powered and assisted bicycle.

Do you wish to contribute to the preservation of our Planet? Do you wish to make great financial savings with your traveling needs? We can offer you a great and fun solution:

Traffic jams, stress due to heavy traffic and possible late arrival at work, affect of air pollution on your health due to close vicinity of overloaded and badly maintained busses whilst waiting at a set of traffic lights, expensive & scarce parking bays and over-zealous traffic controllers checking your parking ticket expiry times faster than your employer allows you to go and refill the machine, will now be a nightmare of the past.

Once the owner of a , you will enjoy the freedom of movement thanks to the gentle and powerful assistance of your electric motor: each pedal stroke will become an easier and enjoyable moment.

Whilst taking care of your health by doing some physical exercise, your will combine duty and pleasure and will contribute to the preservation of our planet.




Before engaging with your bike on difficult terrain, you need to understand that the 1 year warranty will only cover for manufacturing and components defects. Any rough or unappropriate use of the bicycle leading to damage will not be taken in consideration.
Please note that our bicycles are rated for 100kg load. Anything above that might cause some damages to the equipment.
In case of a crash whilst riding or the bicycle simply falling to the ground, there is a risk that some of the elctrical circuits attached to the bicycle get damaged which could lead to some incoherent reaction of the machine or could simply make it to stop working: this will not be covered by our warranty.



Your Zebike is equipped with the latest battery technology that is available.

With 36V power, our batteries allow our bikes to deal with hills and congested urban areas with ease and fast reactions.

At 10Ah, our batteries have plenty reserves to suit all different uses of the bike (leisure to more challenging). On special request, batteries with higher Ah factor can be fitted. (Please consult us direct for Terms and Conditions for these special options.)

A fully charged battery will take you easily over a distance of approx. 50kms.
The battery is protected by a locking system that prevents easy theft. It can also be completely removed from the bike in case there is no plug-point available in the proximity for a quick re-charge.

A full Li-Ion battery recharge will cost you ± R 1.60 and drive you over 50kms at least.
A well-tuned and recent model petrol car will consume at least 3l. of fuel over a distance of 50kms. (±R 36 + insurances, licenses, maintenance etc.)