• Why choose an electric bicycle?

With a fast developing world, we have now reached a point where efficient and sustainable answers need to be found to address the burning issues of transport, pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion, cost of fuel, cars’ high maintenance & insurance cost, etc.

electric powered bicycles can do just that! Whilst you pedal, breathe fresh air and activate your metabolism, you actively contribute to reduce the affect of all issues mentioned earlier. You will also arrive at your office before your colleagues who are using their car as you will easily go through traffic jams and you will have no difficulties in finding parking for your bicycle. You will also feel refreshed having done some physical exercise without any strain: whilst riding an electric bicycle you will not sweat and you will not get out of breath.

You will also be able to park your bicycle right in front of your favourite shop. Your car will be used for long distance travelling only and you will do big savings by using your electric bicycle for all your other daily activities.

components are carefully selected and are of international quality standards. The mechanical parts of the machines are all of standard sizes and measurements and can be easily fixed or replaced when necessary with local supply parts (gear changes, brakes, tyres, chains, cables, suspension forks, seats etc). offers 1 year warranty on all electric components of the bicycle and has stock of all spares if needed.

Although is based in Durban, our bicycles can be road-freighted nationally with a door-to-door overnight service at very low costs.





  • Is a a reliable machine?

Our range of bicycles are equipped with components part of the present leading technology. Every year, and with technological advances and new developments, our models get upgraded. However, it is of paramount importance that the owner of a Zebike spends time in maintaining his machine in good condition.

This includes regular cleaning of the bicycle, particularly after a ride on dusty roads or near the sea (seaside environment is highly corrosive!). The bicycle can be washed with a light water spray or with specialised cleaning products available at your nearest bicycle shop. It is important to protect all metallic parts of the bicycle with a silicon spray.


  • Where is the motor situated?

The motor is fitted in the hub of the back wheel. It is a brushless motor, which means that there are no brushes inside (like in most electric motors) and in case of a free wheel ride, the bicycle will drive freely, just like any normal bicycle.

  • Legislation.

It is to be noted that bicycles are rated as normal bicycles. They do not exceed a speed of 25km/h, no license is therefore required. These bicycles are regulated by government legislation SANS 311.2007 category L.